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Texas Burn Bans

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outdoor burn information

Burn Ban Status: None

Before any burn call the Rockwall County Sheriff’s Office @ 972-204-7001 to obtain permission to burn.
Guidelines for all controlled burns can be found at:

General Guidelines for Outdoor Burning:

  • Prior to burning, you must notify the Rockwall County Sheriff Department by calling 972-204-7001 and obtain approval to burn
  • The burn site must be at least 300 feet from any residential, recreational, commercial or industrial structure on all properties abutting the property on which the burn is to be conducted
  • The burn site must be a minimum of 50 feet from any structure on the property on which the burn is to be conducted
  • All outdoor burning shall be done under the continuous supervision of the property owner or occupant who must be at least 18 years of age
  • ONLY dry plant growth natural to the burn site may be burned
  • Hauling of materials, brush or vegetation into the City is prohibited
  • Approved burns must start at least one hour past sunrise and end at least one hour before sunset as set forth by the United States Naval Observatory tables available from the National Weather Service
  • An adequate water supply to control and/or extinguish the burn is required at the site
  • If complaints are received and determined to be valid by the Fire Marshal, Fire Department or Law Enforcement Officer, burning will have to cease as specified by said determination

Restrictions and Prohibited Items:

  • NO Burn Days are determined as follows:
    • Wind is or expected to be below 6 mph or above 21 mph;
    • Ozone Action Day has been issued for the DFW area;
    • If Rockwall County enacts a “Burn Ban” on all outdoor burning.
  • Materials & items that absolutely cannot be burned include but are not limited to:
    • Petroleum products, Asphaltic materials, Items containing natural or synthetic rubber, Construction materials such as sheet goods, dimensional lumber including and pressure treated wood, household garbage / refuse (including newspapers and boxes).

Authorization to conduct outdoor burning does not exempt or excuse a person from the responsibility,
consequences, damages, or injuries resulting from the authorized burning and does not excuse a person
from complying with other applicable laws, ordinances or regulations.

Your compliance with these guidelines will aid in preventing the unnecessary dispatch of the various fire departments in the county.

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The McLendon-Chisholm Fire Department is proud to announce that our ISO rating has dropped to a 4/9. This can lower home insurance rates and lower premiums. We plan to continue to provide the service that our citizens have come to expect.
Thank you for your support.